Mommy-and-toddler yoga starts Oct. 7

twisted-warrior-logo.gifSoon your toddler may substitute ‘bye-bye’ with namaste.

Yoga instructor Cathy Baxter of Twisted Warrior Yoga will start a parent-and-toddler yoga class Tues. Oct. 7. The 45-minute class for ages 2-5 will be 10 am Tuesdays @ the Charles H. Morris Trustees Garden Center, 10 East Broad St. (downtown Savannah next to the Pirates House).

Children’s yoga mats are provided. Toddlers must be accompanied by an adult. No need to worry about donning hip yoga wear, just dress in any comfortable clothing.

I definitely want my son to be a little yoga warrior in this class when he’s old enough. All that peaceful, hand-clasping and deep-breathing has got to have a cleansing effect on toddler tantrums, right? Plus, it will be a kick to see him do downward-facing dog.

Cost is $10/ class or $29/ month. For more info, call 912.704.5111 or email Or visit the Web site here for toddler yoga info as well as adult yoga classes.

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