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Crossfit Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah: Give Your Routine a Check-up

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Message from Jennifer McKenzie, owner of Crossfit Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah : 

With everyone in back-to-school mode, it’s a great opportunity for Mom and Dad to get back into the groove as well. Crossfit Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah has got some advice on getting that done. Crossfit Hyperformance has a power word to help you transform your habits.

One of the things we often say after all the summer vacations, eating out, and late nights is “I need to get back into a routine.”

But wait! Before you jump back into the same old stuff, take a minute and consider how some of the routines you have now are helping or hurting you.

You are what you routinely do.

This includes eating and exercise of course, but so much more. Routine is powerful. It allows us to function by taking the brainwork out of living – in a good way. Without it we’d have so many decisions to make every hour that it would take us forever just to get through the day.
I hear people frequently say, “I felt so much better when I was in a routine of (insert positive habit here).”

Even positive routines need to be analyzed periodically. Some routines are not serving us and even the good ones could be better. Remember that routines amplify whatever they are – good or bad. Even the smallest action repeated daily, 365 days a year, for years, has an enormous impact.

It’s easy to become slaves to our routines. It’s easy to go through the day without thinking about why we do what we do. Here are a few examples…

What time do you wake up in the morning?
What do you do while you wait for the shower?
What do you listen to on the way to work?
Do you shop for groceries with or without a list?
How is your posture reading this right now?
What’s for lunch?
What are you drinking right now?
What is the first thing you say to your family when you walk in the door?
How do you wind down at night?

Ask the Transforming Question.

Go back again and re-ask these questions and this time, add one word. Add the word “COULD”. For example, “What COULD I have for lunch today?” This simple addition turns your question into a powerfully transformative brain-opening question. This one word shifts your thinking from being a slave to your routines to being intentional and in control. When you ask, “What is for lunch today?” your brain answers with your default routine. But when you ask, “What COULD I have for lunch today?” suddenly a world of possibly opens up. Your brain automatically begins to brainstorm new responses. Some of which will be better than your default answer. You may think, “I could do something different. I could run up to the new salad bar instead of grabbing something from the vending machine.”

“What could I do with my family this weekend?” Luckily, you’re on the best website to answer that one ;)

Want to mix it up?
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