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Best Savannah OB/GYNs

ob-gynsWe asked for local moms’ input on best OB/GYNS in the Savannah area. And you answered -in much appreciated enthusiasm – on our SouthernMamas Facebook Fan Page. Here are your top OB/GYN doctors in the Savannah and Lowcountry.


The Midwife Group & Birth Center, aka Family Health and Birth Center: (912) 629-6262 tied for top slot with
Dr. Elizabeth McIntosh of OB/GYN Associates of Savannah: 912-351-0768

Other most popular picks:

Dr. Melanie Helmken of OB/GYN Associates of Savannah: 912-355-9967
Dr. Joe Edwards of OB/GYN CENTER: (912)355-7766
Dr. Reginald Robinson: (912) 355-2800‎
Dr. Glen Scarbrough of OB/GYN Associates of Savannah: 912-352-7933
Dr. Melissa Cobbs of OB/GYN Associates of Savannah: 912-355-4427
Dr. Gregory Whitaker: (912) 352-7393
Dr. Michael Jackson of OB/GYN CENTER: (912)355-7766
Dr. Kimberly Crute of Provident Ob-Gyn: (912) 350-5937‎
Dr. Jules Toraya of OB/GYN Associates, Savannah: 912-352-7933
Dr. Andrew Tucker: (912) 354-2634‎
Dr. Barry Schlafstein: (912) 355-5755‎

Other highly-recommended picks:

Dr. Karen L. Fehr: (912) 692-1080‎
Dr. Alan Smith of Savannah Ob/Gyn: (912) 355-8136
Dr. Tania Morgan-Bowen: (912) 352-7902
Dr. Dina Linfoot of Provident Ob-Gyn: (912) 350-5937‎
Dr. Ilan Bornstein: (912) 356-9600‎
Dr. Anthony Royek and Dr. Harold Bivins at Savannah Perinatology Associates: (912) 350-5970‎

Bluffton/ Beaufort area

Dr. Lynn Norton of Beaufort Ob-Gyn Associates in Beaufort, SC: (843) 524-8151