Ask the Expert: How to consign your children’s gently-used, upscale clothing

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Q & A with Julie Lanham, owner of “La Dee Da” is an upscale children’s consignment boutique located in the heart of Rincon, Georgia.

What are the benefits of consigning my children’s outgrown items?
Recycling your children’s clothing is good for the planet. Clean out your children’s closets — and earn money too!
Buy what you need by selling items you need no longer use. No shipping costs or waiting for things by mail. We organize, advertise, and sell for you.

Pay less for high quality items; stretch your clothing budget. It’s much easier on you than is the hassle of having another yard sale! Recoup some of the cost you’ve invested in your children. Help those in need! You may donate your unsold items to local charities. Choose to receive your earnings as store credit and save even more on purchases

What’s the average amount consigners make when they consign their items with you?
What a consignor earns may vary. Items that are higher end brands, in excellent condition and in current style sell faster, better and earn more money than those that are not. Consignors, depending on the quantity and quality of the items consigned, can earn a couple of hundred dollars per 90 day agreement.

How do I know what items are appropriate for consignment?
Each consignment shop sets its own acceptance terms, however, the trend in accepting children’s apparel and gear is that all items are in excellent and working condition free of flaws/wrinkles/stains. Items should be in current style and only used a couple years and are not in or have been in a recall status. In reference to what items are accepted varies from shop to shop. Call the shops that you are interested in consigning with and they will tell you exactly what they will or will not accept.

Are there any key types of children’s clothing that sell better than others?

Most shops carry a variety of clothing to suit the needs and tastes of today’s diverse mom’s and grand mom’s. Smocked apparel is an excellent seller and known for its classic style. Cottons, linens and light weight fabrics sell well in the spring and summer while denim and heavier knits sell well in the fall and winter seasons.

 What are the major do’s and don’t’s when consigning children’s clothing?
DO check with your consignment shops to confirm what they accept as well as their terms prior to your initial drop off. This avoids inconvenience and helps you to decide what to consign

DO make sure that your items are in excellent condition, in season and in working order

DO read your consignment agreement thoroughly. DO make sure to choose a shop that is clean, organized and treats your items with care and respect.

DO NOT become disappointed when a shop does not take all of your items. The more selective a shop owner is about their inventory, the better your earning potential.

DO NOT consign items that are outdated or flawed

DO NOT consign your items in a shop that is obviously disorganized or less than clean. This leads to greater opportunity for loss and diminishes earning potential

Please share an insider’s tip that the average person doesn’t know
Most shops have frequent markdowns in order to recycle the daily inventory that streams in. Call shops in advance to ask when and what their sales are.

Any other questions you want to answer for consumers?
Consignment selling and shopping is becoming a popular trend amongst women regardless of social or economic gradients. Many shops carry retail and custom made merchandise in addition to consignments in an effort to meet the many needs of their clientele.

 La Dee Da upscale children’s consignment boutique , 912-295-5470. Tues- Fri 9:30am – 5:30pm and Saturday 10 am – 3:30 pm. Proud retailers of Mudpie, Petit Ami, Rileyroo’s, Jewelry by Lorena and The Fizzy Baker.
Hwy 21 North, Rincon. Located in Burns Station next to the Bank of America and across from The Curiosity Shoppe

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