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ASWING Junior Golf Academy’s next semester clinics in Savannah begin Sat. Oct. 19 2019. This is a 12-week semester of clinics for girls and boys ages 5 years – high school seniors.

ASWING Junior Golf Academy’s certified curriculum and staff provide a FUN and process-driven plan to coach your child to play better golf no matter their ability, as well as, cultivating the character development that golf provides.


The ASWING Junior Golf Academy approach is to create AMAZING golfers. They believe that should be the goal of every junior golf program in the country. However, the way ASWING Junior Golf Academy will go about creating those amazing golfers is vastly different from what is available in most junior golf programs. ASWING coaches’ mindset focuses on the needs and learning styles of the juniors. Kids learn by playing and by encouragement, which ASWING provides with their “golf playground” of stations and activities during every clinic. The kids love the excitement. Some days they even let a parent play, too!

Children who go through ASWING will build a love for golf and physical activity.

Be sure to take note of the kids’ faces as they go through the program. Watch the smiles. Watch the laughter. Watch the determination. Watch how their bodies move. Because of the varying physical nature of this program and its cross-training, the athletes who play other sports will also see increased skill levels in those sports.

Learn more about Savannah’s Junior Golf Authority online here or call Coach Paul at 912-704-8902 while slots are available.

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