Guest post: Being A Newborn & A New Mom Is Not Easy!

Below is a guest post by Nicole Hubbard, new mother & owner of Hubbard’s Maid Service, a advertiser. Consider the post a little much-needed therapy for first time moms who used to be neat & organized before having a child.

“You are at an advanced maternal age.”
This is what I was told by my doctor when I found out I was pregnant. I own a maid service in Savannah, Georgia. I recently had my first child, Jedidiah, at age 39. I had a very difficult labor (30 hours) and had planned for a natural birth but ended up having NuBain & an epidural by the time it was all said and done & my poor little guy came out with eyes wide open looking completely freaked out. Things were harder from there as I was determined to breastfeed and did not know what I was doing. This meant he went from 8 lbs to 6 lbs and we both were horrified. But with the wonderful help of lactation consultant, Pam Holland, and the staff at Dr. Ramos office in Savannah we rebounded to a healthy weight but oh, the trauma! It was not how I had envisioned it to be.

Luckily, the lactation consultant turned my little guy into a breastfeeding machine because he would latch on and not come off the nipple for 4 hours at a time! In between these marathon feedings, I MIGHT get 20 minutes to do number 2 or wash my arm pits, but never both! My son is what is called a “high needs” baby. He needs me ALL the time! He’s not quite colicky, but pretty darn close, and you know what, I’m okay with that. Whatever he wants is what he needs right now and if I am his liquid love and human pacifier so be it. I have accepted that I am just not going to get things done right now which is very hard (deep, deep breath).

I like things a certain kind of way and I have totally had to give that up….

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