Fall 2021 youth golf classes with Golf Swing Studio, Savannah

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Fall 2021 Junior Golf Classes, Savannah

Your child can learn how to play golf or improve their golf camp this fall.

Benefits of golf lessons for your child include:

Develop your child’s character & leadership skills
Build the confidence of your child as they develop their golf skills
Structured, certified curriculum allowing the student to learn at their own pace
Individualized plans for golf improvement
Make friends that will last a lifetime

Here is a list of the day and time of classes this Fall 2021 offered by Golf Swing Studio in Savannah.

FUNdamentals Class, for ages 5-7
Prepare to Play Class, for ages 8- 12
Teen Class, for ages 13-18

To register or view more specific information, visit www.A-Swing.com .

For additional questions or to register, contact Paul Johnson, PGA, at 912-421-8582. 

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