(Savannah social distance activity) Fall 2020 youth golf classes with Golf Swing Studio

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Are you looking for a “social distance” activity in Savannah for your child this fall?

How about…

Developing your child’s Character & Leadership skills
Building the confidence of your child as they develop their golf skills
Structured, certified curriculum allowing the student to learn at their own pace
Individualized plans for golf improvement
Making friends that will last a lifetime

And did we mention how much fun the kids have?

With the issue of COVID-19, Golf Swing Studio’s Fall 2020 schedule of classes has expanded in its offerings, but will be limited to the number of students in a class. Class sizes will have a minimum of 3 students and no more than 6 students.

Here is a list of the day and time of classes:

FUNdamental Class (for ages 5- 7), Savannah

Tuesday Class 4- 5:15PM
Saturday Class 10:45AM – noon


Prepare to Play Class (for ages 8 – 12), Savannah

Thursday Class 4 – 5:30PM
Saturday Class 9 – 10:30AM


Home School Class, Savannah

Thursday Class 1:30- 2:45PM


*All classes must have 3 registered

*All class will have a max of 6 registered

*If you have 3 or more kids that would like to form a personalized group class, just contact Coach Paul

In order to register or view more specific information, visit www.A-Swing.com .

Coach Paul’s belief and certified curriculum layers the instruction in order for the child to learn at their own pace. As the child masters skills, Golf Swing Studio will introduce the next skill on top of the mastered skill to help the student gain confidence and learn quicker.

Coach Paul loves to have fun and the kids will have fun and learn to love golf at this “Golf Playground”!

Visit www.A-Swing.com today to register your child before classes fill up.

For additional questions or to register, contact Paul Johnson, PGA, at 912-421-8582. 

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