Girls Golf of Savannah class for ages 7-17

Girls Golf Savannah June 2019

Girls Golf of Savannah’s next event is Sat. June 22 2019 at Mary Calder Golf Course in Savannah, 3-4:30PM.

Open to girls ages 7-17.

Come learn the basics of golf, and be empowered, enriched, engaged, exercised and energized. Learn golf in a fun way with a variety of different activities and games.

Register online here. 


Upcoming Girls Golf Savannah events

June 22 2019
July 22-25 2019 Summer Camp
July 27 2019
Aug. 24 2019
Sept. 21 2019
Oct. 19 2019
Nov. 16 2019
Dec. 14 2019

Each event will cost:
Member event pricing $15 per event
Non-member pricing $20 per event
Year membership fee $25 for 2019

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