(Savannah golf lessons for kids) ASWING Junior Golf Academy Savannah

Golf Lessons Children in Savannah Golf Swing Studio Junior Spring in Savannah is an ideal time for your kids to hit the course and take golf lessons.

The Golf Swing Studio in Savannah offers ASWING Junior Golf Academy.

The ASWING Junior Golf Academy at Savannah’s Mary Calder Golf Club includes a 16-week structured curriculum for kids ages 6 – 18 years to learn the skills needed to play golf.

The Golf Swing Studio offers plan to develop your child not matter their ability or desire. Golf is a complex movement sport, which takes time and practice in order to excel. Their approach assesses your child and develops the skills in order to become successful. These skills will cover your child’s athletic movement, which makes it easier for them to learn quicker. The program also develops the proper fundamentals of the golf swing and its shots.

Learn more about The Golf Swing Studio’s certified curriculum or their US Kids Golf Top 50 Junior Golf Instructor here.

About The Golf Swing Studio

The Golf Swing Studio in Savannah offers golf instruction for men, women, boys and girls who want to enjoy playing golf at a more consistent level. Also offered: a year-round junior golf program for kids.

For more info, contact Paul Johnson at 912-421-8582 or via email at TheGolfSwingStudio@gmail.com.

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