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Mother’s Day Tribute: A good mother is someone who…

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

mother-childHappy Mother’s Day!!

Wondering what makes a good mom? Check out some of the comments of SouthernMamas readers’ kids in my Mother’s Day newspaper column today by clicking here. Thank you to all the moms who agreed to have their kids’ answers used in the article! Read the article here.  

A reminder: the weekly e-letter will be one day late this week as I am out of town visiting my mother. Check back Tuesday for local kid-friendly activities happening this week.

10 Tips for a Stress-free Bedtime for Kids

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

bedtime-toddlerBelow is a guest post by Jennifer Johnson, who writes on the topics of Nurse Practitioner Schools. She welcomes your comments at her email:

All moms know it can be a challenge getting their little one into bed from time to time. Waking life is just too exciting, and some children—particularly two- and three-year-olds—would rather fight to the death than go to bed. For some parents, this is a constant struggle night after night. To help eliminate the “bedtime battle,” here are some good tips and techniques for getting your little devil in bed asleep like the precious angel you know is in there somewhere!

1.) Establish a routine. Children that are toddlers and older respond very well to consistency. A consistent bedtime should be put in place so they can learn that they go to bed at, say, 8 p.m. every night—no exceptions. If one night they go to bed at 8 p.m. and the next night they go to bed at 9 p.m., they won’t learn the expectations you have for them and will begin to push to stay up later and later.
2.) Turn off all media and get quiet. Young children hate to be left out of the excitement just because they have to go to bed. If you turn off the TV and cut back on any lively chatter and laughter with your spouse, your child won’t feel like they are missing out on something when they go to bed.
3.) Give them a small bit of authority. This doesn’t mean they get to choose when they go to bed, but if your child is resisting bedtime because they want to be the boss, allow them to make small bedtime decisions, like picking out which pajamas to wear or which stuffed animal they want to snuggle.
4.) Turn on a nightlight or small lamp. Many children are afraid of being left alone in the dark. A nightlight makes things less scary. You may want to quietly leave on a kid-friendly CD.
5.) Read to them before bed. This practice not only helps lull them to sleep, but makes bedtime something to look forward to, not dread.
6.) Promise to return. If your child freaks out when you leave the room, tell them you’ll return in 10 minutes to give them an extra hug and kiss if they can lie down quietly the whole time. Many times they’ll be sawing logs before the 10 minutes are even up.
7.) Practice leaving them alone during the day. Go into another room to load the dishwasher or fold laundry, and let your child get comfortable knowing you are in the next room during the day. It will help them be more comfortable without you at night, too.
8.) Keep them active. An active toddler during the afternoon turns into a blissfully sleepy toddler after dinner. Run around with them outside or let them peddle a trike to burn off some excess energy.
9.) Adjust nap time. Children who take too long of naps or naps too late in the day may not want to go to sleep at bedtime. Keep naptime consistent, too.
10.) Encourage them. On those rare nights when bedtime is not a struggle, tell them you are proud they are going to bed on their own like a big boy or girl. Always acknowledge and reward your children during the times they choose to do the right thing.

This guest post is contributed by Jennifer Johnson, who writes on the topics of Nurse Practitioner Schools. She welcomes your comments at her email Id:

Uppercase Living offers vinyl wall expressions, vinyl lettering, decor, photo prints

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

uppercase-1-crownYour home is your haven, so why not give it a personality and style that expresses who you are? With Uppercase Living’s beautiful vinyl expressions and décor, you can turn any space into a unique expression of you and your family.

As easy to put up as they are to take down, these expressions will bring color, creativity, and comfort into your home, nursery, kitchen, business, or your special event.

And for an even more personalized touch, you can use the online MyDesign Suite, which offers an easy way to create an expression that is all your own.

Something new and exciting that Uppercase Living is now offering: Photo Prints! Upload your photo on MyDesign Suite, and Uppercase Living will make a photo print for you. You can have the entire photo made into a photo print, or you can select something specific and Uppercase Living will create it for you. Better yet, these are removable and repositionable, so you can use them over and over.

uppercase-2-alligatorWhat a fun idea for birthday or graduation parties.

Uppercase Living expressions are also ideal for weddings. (Think the wall behind cake table, the guest book table or get-away car.)
Other uses include:

* Children’s sport number
* My Family faces
* Sport silhouettes & objects (soccer ball, baseball player, tennis, golf, dancer, etc.)
* Cause ribbons

* Store front windows
* Advertise Sales
* Dressing rooms
* Classrooms

Host an Open House!
Uppercase Living products are not sold in stores, so the best way to tell your family and friends about this fabulous discovery is by hosting an open house. By becoming an Uppercase Living hostess, you can receive free products and half- off catalog items. At your open house, you and your guests will get product ideas and tips, and see how easy it is to apply the expressions and embellishments.

uppercase-3-vineBecome an Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator!
As a leader in the vinyl lettering and décor industry, Uppercase Living offers an exciting opportunity and a chance to dream big. For a low cost of $99, you can start your own business!
Uppercase Living Demonstrators enjoy:
Flexible hours
Increased ability to balance work and family
Incredible earning potential
Travel awards and other incentives
Discounts on Uppercase Living expressions
Sharing an amazing new product that sells itself
Helping others transform their homes
Making new friends

uppercase-4-familyWith Uppercase Living being fairly new to Savannah and the surrounding areas, this is the perfect time to join!

To view the catalogues, create your own expressions on the MyDesign Suite, and place your online orders, click here.

For more information on becoming an Independent Demonstrator or Hostess, product information, or to purchase a gift certificate, e-mail Savannah Indepedent Demonstrator Jamie Strahm at  or call (913) 526-9123.

May giveaway: A Mother’s Day Make-Over from Glow Medical Spa

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

glow-medspaMothers deserve more than a day to be honored. We should have an entire month,right?

Glow Medical Spa & Beauty Boutique  is helping turn May into Mother’s Month with an incredible month-long giveaway for a lucky SouthernMamas subscriber: a Mother’s Day Make-Over. The giveaway includes a free skin consultation with a licensed medical esthetician, a customized facial, a make-up makeover and $100 worth of products.

  • To enter to win, click on the comments below and tell us the biggest challenge of motherhood.  Also, please tell us your name. Or comment on the SouthernMamas Facebook page here. Please become a Facebook fan of SouthernMamas.
  • Entry period closes at the end of the month.
  • You have to be a SouthernMamas subscriber and SouthernMamas Facebook fan to participate! Subscribing is free. Click here to do so. Click here to become a fan of SouthernMamas on Facebook.
  • We’ll announce the winner here June 1.
  • Glow is located in Governours Square at 415 Eisenhower Drive between Waters Avenue and Hodgson Memorial Drive. Visit Glow’s MedSpa Services page to see the services offered and read all about the cutting-edge cosmetic medical procedures that have made Glow the leading Medical Spa in Savannah- famous for offering the newest and latest beauty services. Glow offers a variety of services including eye lash extensions, microdermabrasion, massage, chemical peels, Botox, Juvederm, laser leg vein treatments, laser facial treatments and more. 912.303.9611

    Mother’s Day giveaway: jewelry ensemble from Touchstone Crystal

    Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

    touchstone-crystal-giveawayThis week, a SouthernMamas subscriber will win a $125 jewelry ensemble from Touchstone Crystal. It’s the Vegas collection pictured here.

    The giveaway is from Tiffany Bradley, an independent jewelry consultant for Touchstone Crystal, a member of the Swarovski Group. Touchstone Crystal’s concept is simple: a unique and sparkling jewelry party to share with family and friends. Touchstone Crystal is proud to feature CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements, CRYSTALLIZED-Pearls, and ENLIGHTENED-Swarovski Elements.

  • To enter to win, check out the Touchstone Crystal catalog online by clicking here and tell us what you’d love to receive for Mother’s Day.  Answer by commenting below this post (Just click on comments). Also, please tell us your name. Or comment on the SouthernMamas Facebook page here. Please become a Facebook fan of SouthernMamas.
  • Entry period closes: Thurs. May 6. We’ll announce the winner here next week.
  • You have to be a SouthernMamas subscriber to participate! Subscribing is free. Click here to do so. Click here to become a fan of SouthernMamas on Facebook.
  • Now is a great time to host a party or become a member of the Touchstone Crystal family! If you have been looking for a fun way to make new friends, hang out with awesome women and make some extra money, ask for more information on Touchstone’s fabulous business opportunity.

    Tiffany is currently reserving dates for in-home parties to feature Touchstone Crystal’s Spring jewelry line. All ladies who reserve a party date for the month of May or June will receive an extra $100 added to their party sales! Contact Tiffany for more details and to reserve your May or June party date while there are still days available.

    Join Touchstone Crystal Parties by Tiffany on Facebook and watch for a chance to win a FREE bracelet!

    To contact Tiffany, call (912) 414-2859 or email her at

    Winner of Petite Feet April giveaway

    Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

    petite-feet-button-adKim Pryor wins the April giveaway from Petite Feet – Savannah’s newest children shoe store and a SouthernMamas sponsor.

    Kim wins her choice of a pair of Lilli Kelly children’s shoes or sandals while visiting Petite Feet, located at  5521 Abercorn next to Fresh Market and across from Publix with easy in-and-out parking. Congratulations Kim!



    Kids’ yoga therapy class for children with special needs

    Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

    little-lights-yogaAttention Lowcountry parents of children with special needs.

    Interested in having your child partake in a kids’ yoga therapy class specifically for children with special needs? If so, Jaime Patillo of Little Lights Yoga would love to hear from you. Jaime is looking into teaching such a class, but wants to find out first how much interest exists before starting one.

    Email Jaime at . To find out more about Jaime’s work, read Jaime’s blog by clicking here.