This SAHM says ‘No thanks, Dr. Laura’

dr-laura.jpgAs a stay-at-home mom, I’m supposed to like Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Especially now that her 16th book, “In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms,” unapologetically praises mothers like me who give up their jobs to remain at home instead of juggling a career and motherhood.

But I don’t really care for her.

In fact, Schlessinger, 62, who has a radio show on over 250 stations internationally and 10 best-selling books, ticks me off. Mainly because she doesn’t allow for any nuances in the debate about whether to work or stay at home. Such as the fact that many work-outside-the-home moms have substantial quality time with their kids, time so rich with appreciation and fulfillment that it can rival the long, often frustrating hours I put in as a SAHM.

Nor does Schlessinger stand up for moms who don’t have any choice when it comes to whether to work or stay home with the kids. Instead, she just writes that children of SAHMs “are less likely to be major pains in the butt or get into horrendous situations. The closer the family is and the more hands-on time spent with children, the more likely those children — as impulsive and impetuous as they normally are — will set some limits on their youthful experimentation and nonsense.”

Schlessinger continues “Of course, it is also possible for a child brought up mostly in day care, or by nannies and/or baby-sitters, to be successful, personally and professionally. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that there are any real benefits to children from having at-home parents; it’s just a choice, like French or Vinaigrette dressing on your salad. Isn’t it? Well, sure that’s right, because if you knew you were going to be recycled and come back as an infant with a choice, you’d choose a mommy, a nanny, a babysitter, or a day-care worker for yourself with equal enthusiasm — right?”

Would love to hear what other SouthernMamas think about Dr. Laura’s stance and her new book….

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