Shop your way to a $25 Savannah Mall gift card

Load up on spring clothes @ sm_webad_mar09.jpgSavannah Mall and get a $25 gift card free – thanks to the mall’s double rewards points promo.

Through the end of April, you get double points for your purchases @ Savannah Mall. After you nab 1000 points, you get a $25 gift card to use at any mall store. Here are the details:

Normally, you receive 1 rewards point for every dollar spent at Savannah Mall. But during April, you get 2 rewards points for every dollar spent.

Sign up for the Savannah Mall Rewards program @ the mall’s Customer Service Center in the lower level, Center Court. To accumulate points, turn in your same day receipts @ the Customer Service Center.

Accumulate 1000 points – either at multiple stores or the same store – and receive a $25 gift card to use @ any mall merchant.

Happy shopping.

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