Savannah moms: homemade baby food

homemade-baby-foodNow that Francie is six months old and starting on solids, I am making her baby food instead of relying on the jarred stuff.

I did the homemade baby food route with my son as well and IT IS REALLY EASY, even for a cooking-challenged mom like me.  Making your own baby food is as simple as pureeing steamed veggies and raw fruits.

A number of books and Web sites offer recipes for the basics – mashed bananas and avocados – as well as advanced dishes and make-your-own-baby-food tips. The resources also provide advice about food allergies and ideas for taking your home prepared foods on the road.

While convenient, commercial baby foods often contain more water, starch and sugar than homemade ones. Plus, you can’t help but wonder of those jarred strained peas on the shelf might be older than your baby is. There are other advantages to making fresh pureed baby foods.

For more how-tos and some baby food recipes, visit, a one-stop online source for any parent interested in ditching those jars. There’s also Homemade Baby Food Recipes.

UPDATE: Just for Baby & More at 7701 Waters Ave. has a new item- the Wean Machine. It is a portable, compact, self -contained “food processer” that prepares baby food. You just fill it squeeze and feed. Cost: 27.99.

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