Putumayo’s “European Playground” CD released today

putumayo-european-playgroundSometimes all you can do is dance. Especially on rainy days when the kids just can’t stop moving.
Enter European Playground, which was released today (May 19). It’s the newest CD from the Putumayo Kids’ Playground series.

The collection of 15 songs has been my life-saver these past few rainy and unseasonable cold days. My son and I spend the indoor afternoons dancing, galloping, jumping and kicking to these lively and engaging tunes by contemporary artists.

Each song takes us to a different country. We sing along, even though we don’t know the language (but you can download the lyrics and their English translation here.). My son’s favorite is the bouncy Swedish tune “Trampolin” by Sas & Kopp about jumping on a trampoline with friends in the backyard. “In our garden, we have a trampoline. It’s like a very big tambourine.”

I’m partial to Alain Le Lait’s French love song of good food complete with plenty of ‘chocolat’ references and the English “Change Song” by London’s Herbie Treehead. He writes sometimes change is good, like when you change your wet socks after a rainstorm, when tadpoles change into frogs or when seeds change into plants. “We all have to change sometimes.”

You’ll also enjoy the Dutch tune by the children’s musical group De Band Krijgt Kinderen, which means “The Band Has Children.” It’s about all the things you can imagine when you play the piano “I play a pop star/I play happiness/I play fierce, tender, sad.” I play we’re traveling through Europe without even leaving the house, thanks to this spirited music.

Sample a few of the tunes from European Playground here and get ready to bounce.

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