New Billy Jonas CD: parent-friendly kids’ music

Lots of children’s musicians bill themselves as playing tunes that parents enjoy, too. Then you listen to the CD and realize they define parent-friendly as meaning they just play a hard-rock version of E-I-E-I-O.

Not Billy Jonas.

billy-jonas-happy-accidents.pngBilly Jonas’ newest CD “Happy Accidents” – to be released March 31 – really is one you will love so much, you’ll find yourself playing the funky folk music even AFTER you dropped your kids off at school. Jonas performs @ the Savannah Music Festival @ the Trustees Theater, 7 pm Tues., March 31. For tickets, click here.

Of the 18 songs on “Happy Accidents”, my favorite is  “What kind of cat are you” which also asks what kind of dog, cow, bee (you get the picture) Here’s a sample.

What kind of bee is plastic and flies thru the air? FRISBEE
What kind of bee sings all you need is love? BEATLES
What kind of bee is ah ah ah ah stayin alive? BEE GEES
And what kind of bee rocks a lobster? B52’S
And what kind of bee is the king of the blues? BB KING
And what kind of bee is the key of this song? B FLAT
And what kind of bee is on your windshield? B FLAT

My 2-year-old son can’t listen to “Happy Accidents” without yelling “Dance, Mommy, dance!” Or, in the car, “Sing, Mommy, sing!” His favorite song is “Knock Knock”.

Knock knock! Who’s there?
Hatch who?
G’bless you!

Knock knock! Who’s there?
Olive who?
I love you!

You’ll appreciate the variety of sounds from Jonas’ trademark homemade “re-percussion’’ drum set, as well as rubber bands, body percussion, door squeaks, apple cider jugs, kalimbas and marimbas plus conventional instruments.

So when your kid tells you to sing or dance along with the music, you’ll actually want to.

Now that’s parent-friendly kids’ music.

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