Do you have a favorite child?

mother-child1.jpgNow that I am a mother of two, I’ve been hyper sensitive to whether I’m favoring one child over the other.

That means canning the cooing at my 7-week-old daughter the minute I see my toddler staring at me as though I just offered to trade him to Blagojevich for Obama’s Senate seat.

Of course, I love both kids equally and there certainly hasn’t been enough time to pick favs. But it’s made me think a lot lately about the whole “favorite child” issue. How common is it? Do all moms have favorites? How do you prevent it? And what are the effects on the other not-so-favorite children?

Writer Laura Bennett takes a fun spin on the favorite-child question in a piece she wrote for a Web site that’s my latest guilty pleasure, The Daily Beast. Check out her essay “The Dirty Little Secret of Motherhood”. Here’s a quote from it:

“If you swear you have no favorite, and think you are fooling your kids, you’re fooling yourself. Just because kids are short, they aren’t stupid.”

The writer definitely intends to be more humorous than heart-breaking, but still, I can’t help but hope she’s wrong. Please, moms-of-more-than-one, please tell me you don’t all secretly have favorites!

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