Disney on a budget this summer

disneyThis month’s newsletter from the incredibly helpful Momsoncall.com offers great tips for doing Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this summer. Here are a few tips from the segment .

  • The bring-your-own-food ban is over. You ARE allowed to bring food into the park. So pack a cooler with sandwiches, chips and water for the day.
  • The lockers are at the entrance to the park right under the train station. Store the cooler away in a locker and run up to the second story to get on that train. Take the train to Frontier Land and get off there. Do not go down Main Street – with the hordes of fellow on-lookers.
  • Once you get off the train, grab a fast pass for Thunder Mountain and go ride Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted House (if you have someone to watch the little ones) and Splash Mountain. Then enjoy that area of the park while everyone else funnels into Fantasy Land.
  • Toward the afternoon, enjoy Tomorrow Land and get your fast pass for Space Mountain. Then take the train back to the entrance to enjoy your packed lunch on the second story of the train station complete with cool breezes, tables and if you time it just right, a parade. A late lunch is advised.
  • Save Fantasy Land for the evening so you can be right in the middle of the 9 PM firework show. Then it is back to your accommodations to have a late night snack. Speaking of snacks, pack a ton of those – light ones – in the backpack that you carry with you and you can avoid having to spend money on spur of the moment edible treats.
  • Allow each child to choose a souvenir under $20 at the end of the evening. We have a tendency to get our kids a million little things that break easily or don’t ever make it home. When you have a predetermined amount to spend, it makes the whole day easier and makes for less that mom has to tote around or stuff in the stroller.

Thanks Momsoncall.com. Got good Disney on a dime tips, too? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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