Would you lend your child to NBC’s “Baby Borrowers”?

baby-borrowers.jpgYou’ve probably heard of (or maybe even watched) the debut this past week of NBC’s new reality series “Baby Borrowers.’’

As a “social experiment” the British-concept puts five young, unmarried couples to the parenting test. The teens are given a succession of people to care for, infants, toddlers, tweens, teens and senior citizens. The show is sure to be a much needed “birth control” for young people. Think “Scared Abstinent.”

Sure, the motive to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy is a good one. But what about the very real infants and toddlers being handed over by their very real parents for inept strangers to take care of? Isn’t this verging on parental neglect?

NBC defends the show by saying a professional nanny is waiting in the wings. Plus, the real parents can monitor “the experiment” on close-circuit TV and can even occasionally step in if things get messy.

Child protection advocates aren’t buying it. Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families cites research on the effect of prolonged separations on small children left in the care of strangers.

Here’s part of Zero to Three’s statement:
“Legitimate social experiments are not conducted on national television or on reality shows. “Baby Borrowers” may have a catchy theme, but it exploits young children with potential harmful consequences. This is no social experiment. It is an extremely misguided endeavor that puts at risk our most vulnerable citizens, young children who need our love and protection.”
Read the entire statement here.

Would love to know what y’all think about this “experiment.” Would you hand over your infant or toddler for such a reality show if, in the end, the show might help prevent teen-age and unplanned pregnancy?

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