When to question your pediatrician

norman-rockwell.jpgWe’ve all heard the stories of moms who suspected something was wrong with their child and voiced those concerns to their pediatrician. The moms were either dismissed, or, even worse, told they were imagining things. The moms turned out to be correct.

So just when are you supposed to question your pediatrician? It’s a tough topic and one tackled in this interesting CNN article. Basically, don’t argue when your pediatrician dispenses medical fact such as that your newborn needs to ride in a rear-facing car seat or a child with a 105-degree fever needs to get to the doctor’s office immediately.

But do try to differentiate medical advice from a pediatrician’s personal opinion. Examples of physician opinions – where there’s plenty of room to disagree – include:

  • Don’t pick up your baby in the middle of the night
  • Baby should be home with Mom
  • You must take the pacifier away

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