When prayers work and miracles happen

Have you heard the true story of Baby Zoe Simpson, better known as the miracle baby?

He was up against the worst odds after being born prematurely with severe, often deadly conditions. Read about how Zoe pulled through in simpson-family-photo-by-andrea-hillis.jpgmy column Sunday in the Accent section of the Savannah Morning News. Read the column here.

Zoe’s fiercely faithful parents contribute his recovery to prayer and God’s work. Based on the challenges Baby Zoe faced, even skeptics might agree some other, stronger force was at work, in addition to medicine. What do y’all think? Do you believe prayer and faith can result in a miracle and save a dying child? And if so, why doesn’t it work for every faithful family?

The engaging Simpson family photo posted here is by Savannah photographer and SouthernMamas sponsor Andrea Hillis, owner of Hillis Photography.

Andrea met the Simpsons and Zoe via her volunteer work with the non-profit, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, which provides a healing gift for grieving families facing the risk of losing a newborn. Hillis is among the volunteer NILMDTS photographers nationwide who offer gentle and beautiful photography and videography services free of charge to families during this time of grief. Read more about the organization here.

The heirloom, keepsake photos often provide families with the only physical reminder they have of their babies.

But every now and then, these volunteer photographers encounter stories with joyful endings, when the at-risk newborns pull through and recover, as in the case of Baby Zoe, the miracle baby.

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