The true meaning of love

heather-sebastian-jack-peralta.JPGImagine planning to adopt a healthy child, only to find out after the adoption that child has serious health problems.

That’s what happened to a Savannah family I write about in my column today “You don’t give back your imperfect child” in the Savannah Morning News Accent section. Read it here.

I am so thankful to the Peraltas, pictured here with their 20-month-old son Jack, for sharing their painful story with the public. Their journey shows the true definition of love and that all parenthood, adoptive and biological, involves risk.

As Savannah adoption attorney Birney Bull writes on his Web site “Remember that ALL parenthood involves unexpected risks. All we can do is prepare for them. Plan for the best, prepare for the worst and expect the unexpected. ” Bull says the Peraltas would certainly have to be Exhibit A on that one.

Another moving article is a firsthand account of adopting a special needs child, “My first lesson in motherhood,” written by a mother and reporter. Read it here.

Please share these stories with any parents of special needs children you know. Or just any parents. Thanks.

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