Special labor-inducing meal delivers

toucan-cafe.jpgWe know some of you smartypants guffawed at a post on SouthernMamas last year about a local restaurant that serves a labor-inducing entrée.

You thought “How ridiculous!” to say that the Thai shrimp (or chicken)and eggplant at The Toucan Cafe, a SouthernMamas favorite, would make an expectant mom go into labor.

Well, laugh no more, ladies. An expectant SouthernMama took our advice and ordered the magic meal (remember, it’s not on the regular menu so you have to call ahead and order it before coming to the restaurant @ 531 Stephenson Ave. 912.352.2233)

Anita H. reports she dined on the special dish Wednesday night March 19. Braxton Hicks contractions started that night and lasted throughout the night. She and hubby went to the hospital Saturday afternoon and, after three hours of pushing, Anita had a 9-pound baby boy Easter Morning.

So tell all your about-to-burst expectant friends to check out the Toucan Method of Induction.
Thank you Toucan Café and congrats Anita!

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