Social mom groups

mother-child.jpgWe’ve had a couple requests lately from moms looking for mommy groups for playdates for their kids and fun for the moms.

Here are a few local moms groups you can access online and find out when the next meetup is:

Savannah Stay-At-Home Moms has moms’ nights out, kid activities, day trips, exercise sessions, book clubs and more. Click here.

Coastal Moms of Georgia for moms looking for true friendships, as well as plenty of playdates. Click here.

Ft. Stewart/Hinesville Moms offers host a variety of meetups so you can find one that works for you. Click here

If you know of any other mom/playgroups open to new members, please let us know and we’ll be happy add to the list.

Addition from the comments section: Kari writes that there is also the Sav-Stay at Home Moms group, which has meetups on Tuesday mornings as well as bi-monthly mom night outs (one during the week and one on a weekend)! Thanks, Kari.

Addition: Moms Club of Savannah. Email to join.

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