Please Take My Children To Work Day

mammasaid.jpgHere’s a campaign at-home-moms can support: “Please Take My Children To Work Day.”

Blogger Jen Singer of the blog Momma Said created “Please Take My Children to Work Day” six years ago. Her aim: to give stay-at-home moms a real day off. This year the holiday falls on Mon. June 30. So hire a sitter and start making big plans. Singer offers a few suggestions on how to spend your coveted time-off:

  • See a movie that’s not animated with talking animals.
  • Have lunch somewhere that doesn’t serve chicken fingers.
  • Sit down for long periods of time without interruption.

Singer, mother of two, is also the author of the new book “You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either).”

Her book provides tips to avoid being either the super mom or slacker mom. Instead, Singer’s focus is on how to become a mom in the middle – who, of course, petitions her state’s governor to make June 30 an official holiday for at-home moms. Several states already have. Click here for the list. Sorry, SouthernMamas. Neither Georgia or South Carolina is one of them, yet.

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