Overnight adventures @ Oatland Island

owls.jpgRemember going to the zoo as a kid and wondering what all the animals did at night when the crowds left? Well, get the kids’ sleeping bags ready. You’re about to find out.

Savannah’s zoo – Oatland Island Wildlife Center - has a fun overnight program for the wee owl-lovers in your life.

Kids can spend the night @ Oatland to get a real taste of animal night life. The program features animal encounters, stargazing, and other interactive games and activities. Oatland Island’s Web site says children can “learn how animals work the night shift and discover how early navigators used the night sky to find their way around before the days of road maps.”

Sounds like a fun idea for a child’s birthday party.

Overnights are offered Friday and Saturday nights, 7 pm – 9 am. Cost is $20 per student for Chatham County residents ; $30 per student for out-of-county residents. One adult chaperone is admitted free for every eight students. Otherwise, the adult fee is $15/$20 per adult. An evening snack and cold breakfast are included.

Each program can accommodate up to 75 students. Groups of less than 12 must pay the minimum fee of $240/$360 (12 students x $20/$30).

Find out more by clicking here.

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