Only a few nights remain of The Journey

Only five nights left to see journey.jpgThe Journey: An Interactive Christmas Story” @ the church that has everything: Savannah Christian Church.

The extremely popular production will be presented for the next five nights @ the church’s main Henderson campus: Wed. Dec. 10, Thurs. Dec. 11, Fri. Dec. 12, Sat. Dec. 13 and Sun. Dec. 14. Registration is 6-8 pm. Groups depart every 5 minutes.

The play allows you to join a tribe going to Bethlehem to register as citizens of the Roman Empire. Encounter the angel Gabriel and the Wise Men. Travel by boat across the Sea of Galilee. Hear prophesy foretold at the temple. See evil King Herod plotting to kill a newborn boy. Enter the gates of Bethlehem. Hear the pounding of the blacksmith hammer, the braying of donkeys, and the shouts of fishmongers selling their catch. Push past the dancers, beggars and merchants all hawking to the crowd that is mobbing the small village.

“Have you heard about the baby that was born tonight?” someone calls. You then follow the shepherds to find the newborn babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

Cost: $5 per person, $20 per family. Special group rate: 20 percent off for groups of 10 or more. Hero pass for military personnel, firefighters, or police officers and their immediate family: $5 per family.

For more info, click here or call The Journey Hotline at 912.629.4765.

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