Is Ariel an anti-feminist?

mermaid2.jpgOh the diversity! You wouldn’t believe how many subjects were covered @ the mommy blogging session Friday at BlogSavannah Unconference. Topics included how children will someday react to their lives being chronicled in mommy blogs; how blogger moms decide what not to share about their children on the Internet; and a variety of parenting issues.

Blogger and mother-of-four-daughters April Groves said she once shared with her readers that the Little Mermaid is banned from her house. After all, the teen fish gave up her voice, her talent, her craft for a much older man she didn’t even know. Ariel is an anti-feminist. Needless to say, April received a lot of comments on that post. Go, April!

Beloved mommy blogger Ginger Heidel said that, as the daughter of a minister, she often feels conflicted about what to share on her mommy blog and what to keep private. Especially since her dad’s congregation reads her blog, er, religiously.

Other interesting mommy bloggers who helped keep the colorful conversation flowing included Suzy Buelvas; Jessica Leigh Lebos; editor of Skirt, and keeper of the blog at; Dolores Schwartz, mother of four including two children on the autism spectrum; and Dizzy Girl.

Thanks, moms, for such an intriguing discussion.

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