Hugh Jass and other bad baby names

baby-baby-names.jpgDoes naming a child Candy Stohr or Cash Guy or Mary Christmas make them destined for failure?

In a hilarious new book “Baby Baby Names,” authors interviewed adults today who had survived names like River Jordan, Rasp Berry, even Happy Day and found surprising results. Most were actually proud of their oddball names. Sure, they get tired of the jokes and didn’t appreciate the playground tormenting, but they liked having unusual names.

Even those named Mary Mee? Golden Rule? And Emma Royd? It’s hard to believe someone named Amanda Hugginkiss doesn’t have ANY resentment.

“Bad Baby Names” authors Michael Sherrod and Matthew Rayback examined census records from 1790 to 1930 to find oddball names like Please Cope, Helen Troy and, of course, Ima Hogg.

A few other painful monikers: Fanny Pack; Fanny Whiffer; Nice Carr; Hugh Jass; Al Caholic; Anita Bath.

As you can see, the book makes a great baby shower or ‘you’re expecting’ gift, as a humorous how-to primer on what not to name a kid.

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