Find out what kids think about other kids’ art

skin-we-are-in-2.jpgWonder if you could successfully use art created by children to spark your own child’s artistic interests?

Find out at the upcoming “The Skin We Are In” exhibit @ Indigo Sky Community Gallery in Savannah, which is showcasing works by students in Valerie Walker’s art class at Gadsden Elementary School along with works by artists Asa Chibas and Jerome Meadows.

The elementary school students, working with Chibas and Meadows, participated in a hands-on workshop dealing with issues of personal and collective identity. Through the use of photography, portrait painting, skin tone analysis and mixed media collages, the students were encouraged to investigate ways in which to artistically convey how they are perceived by others as well as themselves.

The exhibition at Indigo Sky, 915 Waters Ave., will be on view Oct. 16-26. Gallery hours are noon-5 pm Saturdays & Sundays, Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26. Or by appointment @ 912.233.7659. E-mail:

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