Elmo’s daddy deployed to Iraq

elmo-and-his-dad.jpgDid you know Elmo has a dad?

Well he does. And the smart folks at Sesame Workshop are using Elmo and his dad (pictured here) to help young kids with deployed parents.

Sesame’s educational-outreach kit Talk, Listen, Connect in Spanish and English features a DVD for families with young kids and a loved one at war. It includes a story of Elmo who prepares for his father to be deployed. Furry father-and-son agree to look at the moon each night wherever they are and say goodnight.

The goal is to help children deal with the stressful situation of having a parent deployed. More than 1 million children younger than 10 have a parent or parents on active military duty or in the reserves.

The kits are downloadable at the Sesame Workshop Website.

The second phase of Talk, Listen, Connect is expected to be unveiled April 29. It includes print materials and a new DVD, “Deployment, Homecomings, Changes” to help families who are now dealing with multiple deployments and parents returning with combat-related injuries.

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