Defeat Autism Now! doctor in Savannah

autism-puzzle.jpgParents seeking biomedical treatments for their autistic children used to have to travel out of Savannah to find a pediatrician certified as a Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) doctor.

DAN! – a project of the Autism Research Institute – focuses on experimental and alternative treatments for autism, rather than the standard treatment of behavioral therapy and drugs.

No longer will such families have to spend the extra money and time to leave Savannah for the treatment they want for their children. Dr. Ramon Ramos, a Savannah pediatrician who practices integrative medicine, is becoming certified as a DAN! doctor.

The Defeat Autism Now! approach considers autism spectrum disorders (from ADD/ADHD to severe autism/mitochondrial disorders) to be medical issues, as opposed to the conventional belief that the disorders are mental or psychiatric disorders.

People with autism often present with gastrointestinal issues, severe food allergies and sensitivities, sensory issues and more. Advocates of the Defeat Autism Now! approach say such problems can be improved by medical treatment from a DAN! doctor.

Ramos’ office will provide counseling on diet and supplementation, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and other treatments.

Although some mainstream physicians discount the DAN! approach, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently met with representative of Defeat Autism Now! in an effort to facilitate communication between pediatricians, parents and researchers about the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism. All advocates for these children agree that further research is needed regarding causes as well as safe and effective treatment, according to an AAP news release.

“Autism is a challenge for pediatricians, their patients and families. By working together, we stand the best chance of helping these children to realize their full potential,” AAP President Dr. Renee R. Jenkins. “The Academy is committed to working with researchers and treatment groups like Defeat Autism Now! to get closer to finding answers to the multiple causes of autism and determining effective therapies.”

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