Can infants learn to swim?

isr.pngAn unusual swimming program called Infant Swimming Resource aims to prevent drowning deaths by teaching babies as young as 6 months old how to rescue themselves in the water.

The ISR program is different than traditional swim lessons. Children who are able to crawl are taught how to handle themselves in an actual submersion situation. ISR instructors teach lessons in 10-minute increments, five days a week.

The motto of ISR is “The sooner. The safer.” Read more here.

Currently, no ISR program is available in our area. The closest class is Amelia Island. SouthernMamas reader and mother-of-two Kendall McCurry is among the moms who would love to see an ISR program available locally. She provided the following info:

If you, too, are interested in helping bring an ISR program to the Lowcountry, click here to sign a national waiting list. That way, ISR can see how many people in our area are interested.

Anyone interested in becoming certified to be an ISR instructor in our area, click here.

We’d love to hear comments about this swim-teaching technique from anyone whose child has experienced an IRS class.

Meanwhile, the Starfish Swim School @ The Chatham County Aquatic Center offers fun swim classes for children as young as 6 months with lots of singing, blowing bubbles and helping kids develop a high-comfort level in the water.

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