Baby’s gender: To find out the sex or not?

pregnant-woman.jpgDid you find out your baby’s (babies’) sex before birth?
That’s the question I write about it in my column today in the Accent section of the Savannah Morning News. (This week, my husband and I found out the sex of the baby we’re expecting in December and I reveal it in the column. Read it by clicking here. Yes, that’s a tacky tease. )

Whether to find out early or not is a tough decision for some. Those who have the patience to wait until birth win my admiration – but also have to deal with frustration from their friends and family who simply want to know now.

Would love to hear your experiences when it comes to finding out baby’s gender. Did anyone regret finding out afterwards? Did anyone find out without wanting to? If you had to do it all over again, would you wait until the birth to find out? Know anyone whose ultrasound was incorrect, so they were expecting one sex only to get a big surprise in the delivery room?

What were your reasons for finding or for waiting?

Expectant couples who wait always end up hearing oodles of old wives tales, homespun tricks to find out the gender on their own – such as dangling your wedding ring on string in front of your pregnant belly and seeing how it swings. Pendulum movement means boy. Circular means girl. Anyone one have any other fun homespun gender-predicting tricks?

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