Baby names: A is for Atticus

Less than two weeks until our daughter is born and still NO NAME!

Maybe I should check out this tip from savvy SouthernMama and expectant mom Beth Howells: “A is for Atticus: Baby a-is-for-atticus.jpgNames from Great Books.”

Author Lorilee Craker tries to help expectant parents by taking them on a tour through about 500 names steeped in literary tradition. From the “A” entries to Zora, she gives each name a detailed paragraph explaining its background, meaning and cultural significance, according to reviews. Atticus, of course, is the name of the father in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The 240-page book was recently the No. 1 baby-name book on So perhaps in a couple of years, we can expect to see many Scouts, Holdens and Homers headed to kindergarten.

Craker is also the author of the blog, Beta Mom Musings, where she is working her way through the alphabet of baby names.

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