And the worst baby name ever is…..

baby-baby-names.jpgNew York Times Blogger John Tierney announced the winner in his Worst Bad Name Contest. The winner – out of more than 1,000 entries – is:

Iona Knipl.

One reason the judges chose Miss Knipl’s name is because it set up an inevitable reply from people imagining they were being wittily original: “I own two.”

“I got sick of hearing it, but what can you do?” Miss Knipl told Tierney. “My mother never thought about that when she was naming me. It was her mother’s name. I came home from school a couple times crying and my mother said, ‘Oh, why did I do that?’ but it had never occurred to her how people would hear the name.”

Miss Knipl told Tierney her name bothered in her school “but now I think it’s neat,” giving further credence to Tierney’s “Boy Named Sue theory”: good things can indeed come from a bad name.

Other entries in his contest included: Charman Toilette, Chastity Beltz, Wrigley Fields, Justin Credible, Tiny Bimbo, girls named Chaos and Tutu and boys named Clever, Cowboy, Crash, Felony, Furious and Zero. Don’t forget Brook Traut and his daughter, Rainbow.

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