Was your birth hospital ‘baby-friendly?’

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBreast-feeding vs. infant formula always stirs controversy.

Lots of feedback on my Sunday column in the Savannah Morning News about encouraging moms to breast-feed for at least the recommended six-months and preferably for a year. New York City hospitals, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia are among those that stopped giving new moms free infant formula to take home.

One reader, pointing out how formula companies push the feds to tone down breast-feeding ads, supports a ban on ALL formula advertising. It’s a sentiment echoed in England. There’s also a push for all U.S. hospitals to stop using any formula, except when medically necessary. Such hospitals have a provocative designation: “baby-friendly.” Currently, 61 U.S. hospitals and birthing centers are “baby-friendly.”

Our son was born at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital, an obstetrical giant with 18,300-plus births a year. They use formula, but also provided an abundant amount of breast-feeding support, which helped me to continue to breast-feed.

Sounds pretty baby-friendly to me.

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