Wanna give birth before Christmas?

toucansign.jpgOr maybe you’re hoping yours will be a New Year’s Baby?

Here’s an unofficial labor-inducing Savannah secret: a beloved local restaurant serves a special entree that’s rumored to induce labor. That’s right. The Thai shrimp(or chicken)and eggplant at The Toucan Cafe, a SouthernMamas favorite, is the special to order before going in for the pitocin.

In the 13 years the restaurant’s been open, several customers have said they went into the labor the day after eating the meal, says owner Steve Magulias. The magic meal isn’t on the regular lunch or dinner menu, so just call in advance to order it before coming into the restaurant @ 531 Stephenson Ave. on Savannah’s southside. 912.352.2233

Of course, if the magic Toucan meal doesn’t do the job, we’ve been told taking a ride on the cobblestones on River Street works pretty well, too.

Got any other tips for expectant moms who are tired of being pregnant and want the baby to come now? Please share.

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