The secret to ‘bee’-ing powerful

bonnie-cover-2.jpgWhat do you do when your young child shows signs of over-reacting to problems?

Try to find an age-appropriate book to help her battle anxiety and learn to problem solve. But Savannah native and mother of two Charlotte Sauers couldn’t find such a book. So Charlotte wrote one. The result is her first children’s book: “The Bee in Bonnie Bondelle’s Bow.”

As Charlotte says on her book’s Web site:”As a parent who often gets anxious herself, I felt it was time there was literature on the market to help our little ones learn the value of staying calm and ‘bee’-ing powerful.”

Bonnie learns that lesson after a bee sets up house in her new bow. Bonnie starts a problem solving mission along with her parents to send the bug packing.

A friend of Charlotte’s with a masters in counselor education put together book questions for discussion, which you can read on the site. If your child seems to panic at the hint of a problem, this book can help. The book is available for $16.95 by clicking here. It’s recommended for children ages 3-8.

Now, any age-appropriate reading suggestions for those of us beta moms who only have one child, but can’t imagine ever being together enough to write a book?

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