Pizza playdates, whine-free dinners

basils-logo.jpgOnce again, a tip from a Southern Mamas subscriber helped beef up our list of family-friendly eateries. Suzy Buelvas told us how Basil’s Pizza & Deli, a Wilmington Island business owned by mother-daughter duo Amanda and Diane Keck, keeps kids entertained. The restaurant offers kids their very own parent-free room.

Mom and Dad enjoy wine (without whines) and food while spying on their kids via a closed-circuit TV camera that shows what’s going on in the nearby kid’s room. What they usually see are kids lounging about on carpeted bleachers and a couch, watching movies with all the rest of the kids.

Sounds like this could become a trend: non-attachment parenting. Goodbye crayons and paper placemats. Hello mini kids-only movie theaters. Is there any surprise a savvy mother-daughter duo are behind this idea?

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