More unleaded, wooden toys

animal-walker.jpg The search for the best unleaded toys continues.

My 13-month-old son received such a fun, simple unleaded toy today at an early Christmas family party: the wooden animal walker by Petra Toys. Place the penguin, or elephant or, in my son’s case, beloved cow on the slide and watch the critter walk down the ramp. My son was grooving to the beat of the cow’s steps and wanted to watch the cow walk over and over again.

Our walking cow came from Punch & Judy @ 4511 Habersham St. (Call first, 912.352.0906), courtesy of my in-laws. The walking animals are also available at Petra Toys by clicking here. Petra Toys imports wooden toys and hand puppets made in Europe and painted with non-toxic paints.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get that promenading cow to teach my son to walk …

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