Momspit and crystal-bedecked pacifiers

momspit.jpg When Savannah blogger and elementary school principal Charles Wooten alerted SouthernMamas to a product called Momspit, my first thought was the no-rinse, waterless, face-and-hands cleanser was a joke.

Sort of a way to make fun of the plethora of ridiculous, unnecessary products marketed to moms.

Which was the same reaction I had when I read about aristabrat.jpgAristabrat’s crystal-encrusted pacifiers, embellished with up to 1,000 Swaroviski crystals. Prices range from a $120-$250. Matching pacifier clips, rattles and nail clippers are also available – of course.

But it looks like both of the products are real. Momspit is billed as being inspired by the original. It costs $9 for two ounces. Of course, the original is free. But, unlike old-fashioned saliva, the product is supposed to “mousse brillantly” and be the perfect solution to milk moustaches, which, as we all know, clash terribly with baby’s binkie princess-cut stones.

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