Jenny McCarthy’s new book on autism

jenny-mccarthys-book.jpgJenny McCarthy’s new book was released this week, focusing on her son’s autism: “Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey In Healing Autism.” Evan was diagnosed in 2005.
McCarthy – actress, model, mother and author of a SouthernMamas must-read when pregnant: “Belly Laughs” – is also the new spokesperson for a California non-profit called TACA (Talk About Autism Now).
This month, McCarthy will share her son’s story on several shows, including today on Oprah. For more listings of her appearances, click here.
Certainly, critics say stars should stick to acting or modeling and leave health issues to the experts. But when it comes to autism, if it takes star power to draw the necessary attention to this problem, then the more star power, the better.

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