How effective is The Fertility Diet?


What if you could alter your diet to boost your fertility? Maybe start popping folic acid, drinking whole fat milk and banning trans fats from the house, all in order to get pregnant? The Harvard hot-shots behind the new book “The Fertility Diet” are hoping you will.

The book provides dietary suggestions to increase your fertility including:
• Avoiding trans fats
• Eating more beans, nuts, and other fertility-boosting plant protein
• Embracing whole grains such as oatmeal and barley
• Ordering that latte with whole milk or having another full-fat dairy product every day (Hello Ben & Jerry’s!))
• Staying away from sugared sodas

But critics say the Fertility Diet is risky because the book’s findings don’t apply to a vast majority of people with infertility problems. Instead, they are based on women with ovulatory infertility, a condition caused by irregular ovulation that affects fewer than a third of infertile women.

In other words, not every infertility problem can benefit from diet improvements.

So women might waste precious years focusing on the fertility diet and postpone seeing a doctor to find out the real infertility cause. Eating better – and weeding out all those sneaky trans fats – certainly can’t hurt. But be sure to see an infertility specialist before putting all your hope on a big bowl of Haagen Dazs.

Read more about the science behind fertility foods in this New York Times article and this Boston Globe article. Buy The Fertility Diet by clicking here.

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